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A Father’s Support

According to the bible, Jesus turned to the Father often, this provided the needed support not to be overcome by the world. The Father is available in the same capacity today for all. Not as a belief, but as real support so life doesn’t become a created burden.

As I look back at my father, he was considered the rock of our family. It was heart breaking that he died at such a young age of 62. Our family has grown so much since then and life has gone on without him, but although he is not here physically, the love that he gave our family is as present today as it always was. True love never dissipates, it sustains or grows, its nature doesn’t allow it to wane.

Today one of my roles played on the stage of life is that of a father. And as my children are now twenty and eighteen, I gather I am looked upon as a rock, or maybe a pebble, but I am there for them in my role regardless. I look at my role the way the stories describes that Jesus looked to his father. Not his physical father, but his spiritual father who he turned to often. As the father was there for Jesus, the father is also there for me in the same capacity, as I am there for my children.

What is a father, but someone to be there for support. I turn to the father often for support so life isn’t made into a burden that is carried upon my shoulders alone. I needn’t do it alone unless doing it alone is what’s chosen. As a father it is my role to do the same for my children and be there for them.

At one time, Jesus said, “Abba, Father, why have you forsaken me, but thy will not mine be done.” It’s not that a father provides one with all the answers or removes what is occurring, but as a father and by having a spiritual father I know my children or myself never have to take on life alone because the provided support is always there. Life only becomes a burden when there isn’t support, “No man’s an island.” For me this provides a calm amongst the storm that allows for the needed support not to be overcome by whatever my conditioned mind (ego) wants to set upon my shoulders and make it into a created burden. So if I look to the Father I will never have to carry any burden alone.

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