This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Conditioned Prison

Whatever it is that one holds onto, it becomes a prison created by the Conditioned Mind. Observe the reactions when things aren’t the way one wants and see if they become one’s prison.

When we react to situations from a place of non judgment, we react from a place of emotional maturity. If this is not our practice, many things will have control over us. And they will because we are allowing it. It matters little what it is, what does matter is before it happens, there is freedom, and then when the conditioned reaction occurs, one becomes locked into a self created prison.

This prison is the bondage of self. Here are a few example: Its Sunday, but you are already dreading going to work on Monday. Or the weather forecast calls for a snow storm and it starts consuming our entire life. The media talks about it all day, the supermarkets are extra crowded. – Everywhere you go, people are talking about it. Or how about anticipation of a confrontation, or how we let what others do affect us. This is all behavior that allows the bondage of self to put us in a self created prison. Our own mind consumes us with thoughts that makes mountains out of mole hills, and this is caused by our emotional immaturity.

When we live from a position of non judgment, we aren’t controlled by the bondage of self. Hence we stay of sound mind, balanced with what is, and our state of being remains emotionally mature. After all, when we react to situations that occur, because they aren’t the way we think they should be, it is basically the reaction of child, a two year old to be more specific, and this only occurs, because we never matured, emotionally. If we had, the way we react to most situations in our life, would be much different. The reactions would come from a place of love instead of our self-centeredness. We would not be so consumed with our self and our prison would not exist. This bondage of self is very subtle, and much quietness is needed to observe this.

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