This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Mindful of Each Moment

Why do you think one constantly lives in the past? Memories are used to relive past pleasures because being mindful of the present has never been developed. This is a truth of life and until one is mindful of each moment, each moment is missed.

To elaborate on yesterday’s article about responding or being an observer to what occurs as each moment arises, a practice of mindfulness will have to be developed if the observer is going to be the way one views their life. And this will be done only if one sees the benefit of doing so. Most won’t put in the time or effort necessary to develop this, so most of one’s life will continue to be missed. Why do you think the past is constantly used, because being mindful of the present has never been developed. This isn’t my truth, it’s what’s there, look at this for yourself.

Being mindful of each moment is not something that happens automatically. This is only because one wasn’t taught to view life in this manner. Most of life is viewed as what is going on over there as opposed to what’s occurring right here. We eat breakfast as the newspaper is read. We drive to work thinking about the day ahead as we weave in an out of traffic. Lunch is spent eating while on the computer or smart phone. The point is there’s not much mindfulness going on in the moment one is in. This is only a misgiving because it means not much time is spent in the moment that’s actually occurring. So if one isn’t mindful of the present, then where does one spend their moments, over there, but never here.

The benefit of mindfulness is one actually gets to live their given life instead of unconsciously going through the motions. Whatever it is that you do, do it with an awareness of what is being done. If you eat an orange, eat an orange. If you are talking with your spouse, be there with them, and so on. This mindfulness of being the observer allows for all of life to be experienced and if this is being read that means one is alive, but if one isn’t mindful of being alive and reading this, then it’s as though one’s life is passing them by, moment by precious moment.

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