This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Created Stories

We think things happen to us and this makes one uncomfortable as it becomes ones story. But the real problem is we are already uncomfortable so regardless of what happens, one’s story is already written.

From the moment that one wakes up, to the time that one goes back to sleep, understand it is you and you alone that creates every uncomfortable feeling that you feel. Even if something occurs that is outside of you and it is unpleasant, the uncomfortableness still arises from within. So you may blame outside things for your troubles, but it comes from within because that’s where it arises from.

We think things happen to us that make us uncomfortable and this is what becomes our story, but our real problem is we are already uncomfortable so regardless of what happens our stories are already created. These stories are created by our own Conditioned Mind that doesn’t know how to settle down so its constantly uncomfortable. When we understand we are complete just the way we are and no story will add to our completeness, we will stop causing our own discomfort.

The story created is an illusion that we need something for our completeness, whether it is an object, a created purpose or whatever else the Conditioned Mind conjures up. But when one understands you’re complete with the life you are given just as it is, there is no story needed. Being uncomfortable is only a created story so when one becomes story-less there is completeness and hence on is at peace. In stillness is ones completeness because in stillness there are no stories, but only if one understands they’re not truly needed.

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