This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Universal Intervention

The thinking mind has life all figured out, it creates whatever story one needs to make a purposeful life. But one day if one is fortunate enough, the Universe will intervene and one will wake up to this fallacy.

To watch someone rise up from the ashes of unconsciousness is one of the greatest gift bestowed on a person, but I will say this, it is not from the result of any kind of human intervention. It is purely the work of powers beyond one’s comprehension. One may be used as an instrument, but to think doing anything to enhance or deter what the Universe has in store for a person is almost funny. Almost, it isn’t funny because people think (therein lies the problem) they make a difference, but they actually wind up doing more harm. The reality of life is this, nobody knows if what they do truly makes a difference in the grand scheme of things and no one knows what life is about except what story they use to make it the way they think it should be. Sit with this for a while, is it not true?

Here is an example: My life was a mess, drugs, alcohol, gambling, womanizer, selfish, selfish, selfish, and the Universe intervened and my life became different. I did nothing for this to occur. I was selfishly self centered and lo and behold the Universe had something different in store for me and made me different. Today I couldn’t be any other way, even if I wanted to. I enjoy all that has happened to me and all the people I have met because of it, but really the longer I am alive, the less time I want to spend my waking hours thinking. All thinking does is create a story. And all a story does is block out the ability to truly enjoy life.

What makes one think they have a hand in helping others is the made up story of it, it’s almost funny, almost, but the Universe does it all, it doesn’t ask permission, it’s doesn’t care what others think, it doesn’t require any thinking. The bible says to be still. It should say don’t think. This is just an observation of mine. People love to give purpose to their life, but it’s all just a story. Love, hate, be selfish, be loving, when the time is right the Universe will intervene and one will become different or not and one will stay the same. Either way it’s a Universe thing, no story created, no purpose, just the way one is used by the Universe. So one of the greatest gifts of life bestowed upon one is to watch a person rise up from the ashes of unconsciousness, and this is especially true if that person just happens to be you.

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