This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Established Energy

If one establishes a center of being from the energy of love, it will be the energy transmitted to others and love will become their center because this is how the transforming energy of love works.

What one centers on throughout the day determines the direction of one’s energy. And that direction determines what one’s state of being will be. Except for times when there is something that keeps one centered on the given moment, most of life will be spent chasing some past moment or hoping for some future one to bring one the things desired.

If one doesn’t allow love’s energy to engulf them so a center of stillness is establish, the noise in the head will be one’s energy. Noisy energy is one’s only deterrent. Granted it takes on many forms, but regardless of what form it manifest as, it is still noise. Noise is the opposite of quietness, as consciousness is the opposite of unconsciousness. One can’t be controlled by the noise and have a center, well actually the noise will be the center and guess what, when the center is noise, noise will be the energy transmitted.

A center which produces stillness needs to be established if love is to be one’s center. There are many centers to choose from, but there aren’t many that equate to love. Find one that does, and as it is cultivated, one will have a dramatic shift in their energy pattern. But the shift will only occur if one’s centered base is of stillness.

This shift happens on its own, but by developing discipline that allows stillness, one does in a way make themselves ready for it. It is in stillness that truth arises and in truth the noise in the head stops. Without the noise there is an availability to the resource of one’s energy of love. And if one’s established center is from love, this will be seen by many and love will become their center, because this is how the transforming energy of love works.

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