This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

A Logical Approach

Without a logical approach to life as to why things are as they are, one remains controlled by the illogical stories of the Conditioned Mind and one’s freedom is eluded.

When we apply logic to life it is so much more beneficial than relying on the made up stories that defy logic. My point is this; a man and woman performed a deed many years ago and a life began. The logic here is a deed was performed that allows birth and we are the consequence of its energy. Nothing magical, a condition was satisfied that allows birth. Now at this point in our life, there is nothing yet developed as far as the mind is concerned, so we are pretty much are pure, innocent and free of any attachment. The logic here is there is nothing yet developed for life not to be in this way.

Okay so as we grow and influences begin to mold and develop our mind, the pure, innocent, and free state is slowly being replaced by whatever influences we are surrounded by. Logically this is the beginning of our Conditioned Mind Patterns, and unfortunately the base of most of these influences are self serving. So logically we develop a mind that revolves around satisfying this self that has been conditioned to be this way. No mystery here, just logic. So logically life is somewhat of a struggle because to satisfy this self our mind has to constantly look for ways to get this done. It justifies what’s needed for this and lo and behold we have a conditioned life. A very simple yet logical approach to why we are the way we are.

Using logic lets look at why we stay the same even if things are done to make so called improvements in our life. The biggest hurdle to applying logic is finding out what changed that made us lose our pure, innocent and free state of being. When we look back the logic here is to see the self serving development of our mind as the culprit. So we logically have to go back to the pure, innocent and free state. And here is the only way this will get done; the mind has to be redeveloped for it to return to this place. We try external things to get this done, but through trial and error and with very little success, we come to the conclusion that we logically have to go inward because looking outward doesn’t work. So we apply logic, go inward and learn through the practical approach of meditation, how to return to our pure, innocent, and free state. And if we don’t do this it will not get done. This is pure logic here, no mysterious path or journey. No God, or spiritual practice, just plain simple logic of going back to the time of our pure, innocent, and free state.

The simple logic here is this; not many people practice meditation, so not many people inwardly go back to the pure, innocent, and free state. All the changes done by most are outward, and their affect is minimal in being pure, innocent, and free because they don’t alleviate the control of the Conditioned Mind. So it seems like behavior changes at times, but it’s just substituted for other outward self serving behavior. The Conditioned Mind blocks this logical approach as too simplistic so it can hold onto its story, but the truth is, life should be lived in the most logical way, and it can, if the mind settles enough to see this. And if it doesn’t, the mind will use a conditioned story of why meditation isn’t necessary and one’s approach to life will not be logical. Without logic one will not return to the pure, innocent, and free state and unfortunately life will remain based in making decisions from the self serving mind and it will remain a seemingly struggle regardless of what is outwardly and illogically changed.

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