This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Nothing Out There

Reading a book on exercising won’t get you in shape. Reading the book shows you what needs to be done, but the benefits of what is being read will never be reaped because results aren’t in the book.

Our source is always within. A God out there used as a source remains out there. How can it not? Looking out there is the cause of the separation from our own life. This is why when one seeks for their source outside, the seeking never ends. It can’t end because the source is never found, and this is due to the fact there is nothing out there. It’s like reading a book on exercising expecting that just by reading it you will get in shape. Reading the book will show you what needs to be done, but the benefits of what is being read will never be reaped because the source isn’t in the book nor is it out there, it is within one self and unless one goes within to see this and exerts their will, there will not be any results and one will stay the same. All the knowledge in the world will not change this. Until what is read is put into a form of practice, what is read remains as what is read and that’s all.

It’s Monday Only in Your Mind offers not only a detailed description of my experience, it also lays out a direction to apply what is read through the 12 Steps to Freedom, that’s why they’re offered for free, so one can develop a practice. For years I read book after book looking for answers and never finding them because I was looking in the wrong place, out there. And because nothing is out there, there was much suffering. Today it’s much different because there’s an understanding of this. I still don’t have many answers, but because of this understanding they’re not needed. When one doesn’t need answers, the seeking ends and the only thing left is peace. But not because it was found in a book or some place out there, but because it was found inward and when one goes inward it’s discovered answers aren’t needed.

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