This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

The End of Addiction

At the core of any addiction regardless of what’s used, is a self centered perspective. And until this truth is seen, one will always have the need to reach for something to satisfy this perspective.

I’m not listened to by many in the addiction field because I don’t have a degree and what I have learned goes against false beliefs that are engrained in society’s conditioning. I self published a book and that is frowned upon as far as the unconscious world is concerned, but the bottom line is I have real answers that can alleviate all addictions. This is a bold statement, but it can be backed up. THIS IS NOT IDLE CHATTER. There is no magical answer, but through the understanding of the ultimate truth; breaking free from one’s self centered perspective, one can truly learn to not need anything to fulfill a self centered void. This is the reality of all addiction.

There was a front page headline titled The War on Heroin in yesterday’s local newspaper, but what the headline in the Star Ledger should have said was: The Ultimate Truth: How to break free from a self centered perspective. The real issue is never addressed by this newspaper or society as a whole.

Without a self centered perspective, reaching for heroin or anything else wouldn’t occur. In the case of alcohol, even if one isn’t an alcoholic, why does the need to alter the way one is feeling arise? Because of the self-centered perspective which is at the root of any addiction. It is why one reaches outside themselves for anything. Stop this reaching by changing the self centered perspective and one’s addiction will cease, guaranteed.

If society really wants addiction to end let’s address the real issue. Stop people from needing a substance and the addiction epidemic will be no more. Until this message is addressed, addiction we never end. People will continue to die and suffer because of the ignorance of those in control of the information being put out there to the public.

I may begin working on my next book and the title: The Ultimate Truth: Freedom From the Self Centered Perspective. This is the only truth one needs. This one and only truth will eventually be seen and that’s when things will changes. Programs don’t change people, therapy doesn’t change people, God doesn’t change people, they my assist in some way, but the reality of any change referenced to addiction is to not be self centered. I’m not talking outward change, that’s society’s gauge, inward is where real change takes place.

Put any spin you want on this, but if one isn’t looking to satisfy their self, there will be no reaching and without the reaching there is no addiction. I know this from experience, not from reading or studying it from some book. This is all that needs to be taught, nothing else, because whatever the story, if the base of your life wasn’t from a self centered perspective there wouldn’t be a story. Feel this or that or blame whoever, but it’s all a self centered story created from a self centered perspective.

If this perspective isn’t changed drastically, the addiction epidemic will not end. Ignore this as has the Star Ledger Chief editors and many others, and carry this burden along with you wherever you go. I have a website to describe this in detail Eventually people will wake up and see this is real and that I know what I’m talking about, but until that time, keep trying to stop the supply of drugs into society, including the pharmaceutical companies. But understand, where there is a demand the supply will never end, but if the demand wasn’t there the supply wouldn’t be there either.

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