This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

A Unique Path

Although we’re the same in the way existence begins and ends, our road travelled is unique. As one goes though life, it seems to be specifically designed so each of us learns our own lessons.

There is a need to understand your path in regards to your own life so it isn’t compared to where someone else may be. This is so your own life is lived to the fullest. We all have our own unique route. I am going to describe this in a story. Everyone in this story has a trip to take, which can be viewed as our life. These journeys are the same in the regard they all have a beginning and an end, but each route is different, because the starting point (where one starts their existence) is different. From the different assigned starting points no one can get to the same destination using the same route.

Here is my take on this: Let’s go to the middle of the country, take twenty people from all walks of life and go out six hundred miles in twenty different direction and make this each ones starting point. Give each one a randomly selected vehicle varying in year and reliability with a map to get to their destination in the middle of the country. But no one has a designed route, it is mapped out by them, but constantly changes because of circumstances beyond anyone’s control.

No one truly knows where the final destination is, matter of fact they aren’t even told there is a final destination. What they are told is there will be further instructions when the reach the place designated on the map. There are no special routes to follow, everyone selects what they think is the best route for them. There is no allotted time frame for this journey, it will take what it takes.

Okay so now the journey begins and everyone is on their way, but because of the varying conditions of the vehicles and weather there are some delays, some get flat tires and encounter treacherous roads that the maps doesn’t show and get stuck. There is a set of tools in each vehicle, some of them are useful, some aren’t. There are routes that are planned that have detours that make the journey longer. People get car sick or just sick in general and have to stop to go to the doctors. Some hotels are dirty, some are clean, some have vacancies, some have none. There are speed traps along the way and tickets are issued. There are robberies and deaths. If theres a fatal crash another vehicle or person just takes its place and continues on. The players and situations change, but the journey goes on.

Although the journey seems very difficult it is not all doom and gloom. There is plenty of fun things to do and beautiful sights to see along the way. Some very nice people are met who give assistance and their generosity is second to none. I could keep going on with this, but the point is this description is not that far off the mark of our life. Everyone experiences life uniquely along the way.

We have developed some tools that are useful and some that aren’t. Some things are pleasant, some not. There is fun experienced along the way and beauty to behold, but there are also difficulties, road blocks, detours, unexpected hazards, health issues, accidents, disappointments, death. But through all this we remain true to the journey. We go forward because it is what’s in front of us, our concern is learning how to make our journey smoother and aligning our route for the most beneficial results.

We need not compare our journey with others because in realty the only thing thats the same is birth, the beginning, and death, the final destination; in life there is death, that is Universal. So as everyone reaches their final destination it is found out that the destination didn’t matter as much as the journey. It was discovered that it was the experience of the journey that made life what it was and regardless of what happens the joy of any life is what is experienced in the journey. And it is the unique path travelled that makes it so.

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