This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Tools of Change

Tools are needed that cultivate what needs changing. They can change the way you look at things, but this can only occur if the tools in place allow for the way you look at things to change.

No change just happens. See how little control you have over things that occur in life. What you can learn to control is the way you respond to what happens to you. Most of us were never given a guide or the tools to help us understand this process, nor were we ever taught how to do this.

If you become addicted to a substance you can attend a twelve-step program. But what if you don’t necessarily have a clear-cut addiction, but are looking to enhance and understand your life or maybe you are looking to fill a void or just be more at peace? There are many different tools a person can use to foster change, and you may find the 12 Steps to Freedom from It’s Monday Only in Your Mind useful. They can be used to investigate your perspective of life, and if you choose, you can do the things necessary to become aware of your Conditioned Mind Patterns and change that perspective.

As I grew up I did not have control over many things that happened to me, but I could have reacted differently had I properly been taught how to process my reactions and emotions better. Instead, I became conditioned. By going along unconsciously I was at the mercy of any number of outside influences and inner repercussions. Unconsciously, I become attached to external things and was controlled by them. Reactions don’t just happen, something provokes them. By understanding and utilizing the 12 Steps to Freedom, you can become increasingly aware of your unconsciousness and learn how to be in control of your life — instead of allowing things to control you. Please give yourself a break and ask for a free copy of the 12 Steps to Freedom from my books website It could change the way you look at things, but only if there are tools in place that allow for the way you look at things to change.

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