This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

A Created Reality

Finish this sentence: I am a ( ). The fill in the blank has just created one’s reality, but it’s delusional because so many things can be put in the blank and whatever is used becomes reality.

Yesterday in a FB conversation someone said, they know what is real and what isn’t. To me, this is a pretty bold statement because this statement pertains to only what that person sees. Its not truth, it’s just one person’s conditioned perception. And if what you see and what others see are different than the realities are different. So who can truly say what is real and what isn’t? And this is what makes the statement bold, if one is that adamant about what reality is, one is truly delusional.

Reality has eluded me for much of my life, but before this was understood I created a made up reality in my own head to suit my needs. This is the reality most people live by because there are so many distractions, it is only what’s seen. And what is seen is a created world that fits one’s delusional conditioning in a closed mind box that’s called reality. When one fills in the blank to the sentence I am a ( ) a reality is created, but it’s delusional because so many things can fill in the blank and depending on how engrained and attached one is to it, will determine the length one will go to defend it. And this is done even at the expense of one’s own peace. After all I have to prove to you I know who I am.

Between all this made up nonsense there is a place beyond the thought of one’s made up reality. This place doesn’t need or want, it’s just there. It has no content of anything mind made. It exist in a realm where no labels are required. It’s the I AM without adding to it. If you can’t go there it’s because there are too many distractions keeping you entrapped to your conditioning. Thought will not get you there, it actually keeps you from it. The only way reality will be known is when one understands there is no reality, at least not in the thought realm anyway.

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