This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

We Can’t All Be Right

If I’m right, and you’re right, and they’re right, who is truly right? We can’t all be right, so the only way to tell who is right is by the one who does what they do solely from a heart of love.

Think about this, everyone thinks they’re right or they wouldn’t be doing what they’re doing. Whether it’s the Democrats, Republicans, the United States, Israeli, the Palestine’s, Christains, Muslims, Hindu’s, all religions for that matter, Al Queda, all the past and present dictators and their so called empires, the different tribes in Africa, or just people in general, they all think what they’re doing is right or they wouldn’t be doing it. But who is right? Everybody can’t be right. We, the United States say we are right, but so do all the other groups, this is what’s believed by us and them. We’re not all right and there in lies the problem. There’s no common ground to what or who is right, so this makes everyone have a different set of rules as to what’s right, which makes for everyone having a different agenda. We are a world divided.

Is this really the way the Universe intended for our planet to be run? I don’t have that answer, but I do know this, on an individual and group level someone is always trying to force their will on someone else and this isn’t working all that well. The missing ingredient in all this “I am right” nonsense is a genuine desire to do what’s best for someone else with a love that comes from the heart.

To many people live and act out with what’s in their head and most of it is faulty because it’s not from a genuine love for our fellow beings. Its only to satisfy a genuine desire of one’s self. Even though many people tell themselves what they’re doing is what’s best and it is, but its only what’s best for them, not for anyone else. All that’s needed to see this is to look at our worlds current state of affairs and how the set of rules in place are playing out. They are rules that are geared to satisfying the self instead of being a benefit to all beings which will never create the unity that’s necessary to live as one.

So until this changes and love becomes the base of the set of rules that are in place and what’s right is what’s best for someone else instead of self, our world will continue to go in the direction it is heading with everybody doing as they please (because they are right) and justifying it as the reason they do what they do is for the greater good, even though the greater good in this case is to satisfy the “I am right” self. So if what we do isn’t done for the greater good of someone else, than what we do will be strictly done to benefit the “I am right” and you’re not greater self.

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