This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

The Tenth Step: Mindfulness

Continued to learn and deepen our Spiritual insight by being mindful of each moment and how we react to situations as they occur in our life.

If the generated energy of the moment is not from love than it is of no use to anyone.

Our alignment to our own innate goodness is the driving force behind the direction of our life in any given moment. It is only in the moment that we are. At this stage of our development we should be well aware of our self-centered reactions and how each situation is affected by this behavior. We should be able to decipher whether we are being self-centered or love-centered and whether our heart closes or stays open. If just because something doesn’t go our way, or someone doesn’t act the way we think they should and our reaction is generated from anger, or some other emotion which isolates us from others, we need to at why so we can keep our heart open by transforming our energy to be of love. Whenever we react to not getting our way and our heart closes it destroys our ability to love. We are of no use to anyone. We may think that what we are doing is for the good of something or someone else, but all we are doing is lying to ourselves so our ego can be satisfied. If the generated energy of the moment isn’t from love than it is of no use to anyone. This is the way it is, no matter the situation.

Is it really possible to have this awareness all the time? It will take constant practice to develop this awareness, but the answer is yes. It truly is possible to be aware of how we are acting all the time and if those actions close or open our heart. To really understand the cause and effect of our reactions is the only way that our spiritual insight will deepen to the point where we will be aware of what closes our heart, and what it will take to keep it open. The most important part of one’s development will be living in the present moment. This is the only place where one can live from the heart. When we live in the present, we are in harmony with all of life; we are living in a state of love.

This moment to moment awareness constantly needs to be cultivated if one is to live life in gratitude for the gift of existence. If not, one will stay marred in their ignorance and will continue to suffer needlessly and unfortunately will cause suffering to others. So the choice is ours, not Gods, not our spouses, not our bosses, not anyone but our own. So our life is in our hands and it is up to each individual how mindful they are of each moment and what is being cultivated so one’s heart remains opened.

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