This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

The Seventh Step: Humility

Humbly learned to cooperate with Universal Energy so our reactions to what happens in life are derived from love, instead of a self-centered perspective.

Look no further than the closest mirror to see the root of all your problems. If you don’t love the person that is looking back at you, it’s only because you lack the love to see who you are looking at.

No quality is more necessary than humility for developing the awareness needed to understand how ones own Conditioned Mind won’t allow for one to remain in harmony with Universal Energy. Without this ego deflation, which is necessary for any kind of awakening to occur, it is impossible. This will have to be understood so one knows exactly what they’re up against and what will be needed to break free from the egos grip.

If there’s an evil in this world, the ego is at its core because it blocks out the humility that allows one to do the things necessary that puts them in cooperation with life. But it is an evil that’s of one’s own doing, not one that is caused by something from the outside. It is a created lack that is one’s evil. This lack of humility is at the base of any problem. It is this lack of humility that allows one’s ego to create its illusions. It causes one to live by these illusions and that is what life is based on. It is the I am right and you are wrong mind, or the other extreme, the I am worthless mind: different spectrum, same ego.

It is the ego that starts the process of building one’s walls for protection, but it keeps one in a self-created prison. It is one’s ego that is never satisfied. The ego is the culprit that is always trying to arrange life the way it thinks it should be and when it doesn’t work out, it will do anything to try to make it so. It will defend itself to the bitter end if necessary, using whatever resources it deems applicable to satisfy itself.

It is the cause of so many problems yet it makes one believe that it is needed if they are to live happily. The ego causes one’s suffering by constantly looking outside for answers, solutions, and quick fleeting fixes. And since no satisfaction last that is created by one’s ego, it constantly creates more craving, more wanting, which in turn creates more suffering. This is what the ego does, it is its primary function. This is why the ego must be deflated. When it is said, “I have met the enemy and it is me,” it means the ego; this is one’s only true enemy.

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