This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

The Fifth Step: Root Cause

Identified the exact nature of our wrongs and the associated behavior that held us in our self-created bondage and blocked us from reaching the potential of our Creative Energy.

Our wrongs are a result of a distorted way of viewing life from the need to fulfill some selfish desire. If the view is changed to love, then the wrong will not exist.

It’s not the wrong that’s the cause of our problems, although this is how we are judged. It is what’s at the root of the wrong and why it is done in the first place. What is it that brings the craving that creates the necessity to do the wrong. What is the exact nature of any wrong but a selfish desire to attain some kind of fulfillment. The need to satisfy this inner selfish desire is created by some inner deficiency within ourselves. This is what is at the core of any wrong. If the deficiency didn’t exist the desire wouldn’t exist and there would be no wrong because there would be nothing to fulfill.

The exact nature of our wrongs is a created self-centered view that makes us believe we will find our answer in something outside of us that lives in the illusion of time. That is the illusion created. It doesn’t matter what is used on the outside; it will never last. Looking outside to fix an internal problem, no matter the outside diversion, will not last if it doesn’t come from love. There will always be a need for something else to feel a sense of completeness. When we find that anything we use to try and make us complete is not lasting, we will be ready to go deeper to reach the potential of our Creative Energy.

When we identify and understand the exact nature of our wrongs they will stop being the controlling energy of our life. It is then that our Creative Energy is allowed to be the controlling energy of our life and since it is based in love the possibilities of what can happen to our life are beyond our wildest dreams. Who knows, you may even write a book.

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