This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Came to understand that cooperation with Universal Energy will allow us to be in harmony with life.

We waste so much energy trying to arrange life to be a certain way that it keeps our Creative Energy from fully emerging. Wrong effort will never produce right living. Truly understanding how our self-centered behavior had been the cause of all our problems, it gives us something tangible to work with. We have something real to identify with. The Conditioned Mind Patterns which manifest in the form of behavior are something we can see, something that was developed over time and can be changed.

We look at this behavior and know these are the blocks to our cooperation with Universal Energy (God if you want). With this knowledge we know in our hearts that we are finally on a path to freedom and happiness. No longer are we ignorant of how our lives have been controlled. Through recognizing our self-centeredness and taking responsibility for it, we learn new aspects of our mind. We learn how our behavior alone can take us out of harmony with life. We no longer look up above (outside ourselves) for our answers. We start to look within because we know this is where we will find them.

We understand that our mind caused our problems by trying to constantly satisfy our ego. We see how disharmony with life arose from our discontented mind; a mind that was always looking for something. This is what kept us in disarray. Nothing else, no Devil, no God, no person, place or thing ever causes our discontentment. It’s always a mind conditioned to think and react to things in a certain way. It is an undisciplined mind that takes us along for the ride; a mind that doesn’t allow cooperation with life because of its egoic nature.

When there is cooperation with the Creative Intelligence, there is cooperation with Universal Energy. With this cooperation we are in harmony with our Creative Energy which manifest as Universal Love. This love is what allows our harmony with life.

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