This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

The Labeling Mind

Life doesn’t label itself, we apply what we think is the appropriate label to what occurs. Without the label, life would still occur, but as it is, not as it is labeled.

A true understanding of ones own mind is the only way that life will ever be understood. It is the only way to truly see the beauty of a sunrise, or to feel the breeze of a crisp fall day. What do you see when there are ducks swimming in a pond or a star filled sky? If one just sees what is there and describes it as so, than it is a great misgiving because what is seen cannot truly be described. It can be labeled, but that is not what is truly seen. Does the sunrise describe itself or do does the breeze know its blowing? How about the ducks, are they aware of what they are doing in the pond and the stars, so many stars, do they know what their function in all of this is?

Life is always happening. It always is and it always happens regardless if its labeled or not. There is a place beyond the labeling that life truly happens. It is not stillness or in the quiet or any other label that you want to call it. It is just whats there without the added label, it is nothing more or nothing less. Our Conditioned Mind has been programmed to label everything, but it is beyond the labeling mind that life happens. Quietness and stillness are needed, but they aren’t a place to get to, they just are. Quietness, stillness, peace, don’t attach a label and what do you have?

Without one single label, everything would still be, without the labeling Conditioned Mind life still is. It doesn’t need a label to be. If you died right now, life as YOU know it would be over, but life itself wouldn’t miss a beat, it would go on. To life, dying is just a part of life, its just the way it is; dying is a natural as birth. So it would just continue as if you never were. And it wouldn’t affect life one bit. Life doesn’t label, people label. So understand yourself, so you can understand life, but as stated earlier not in the form of a label, but by allowing life to do what it does and seeing what is truly going on beyond the labeling process of a Conditioned Mind. To be or not to be, life doesn’t really give a damn either way.

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