This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Addicted to Dependency

Dependency is dependency, an object needn’t be defined to break free from its grip. Its only ones Conditioned Mind that makes the dependency so, when the mind is free the dependency ceases to exist.

A person I know has been struggling with a dependency problem, the substances in question aren’t relevant. What our discussion focused on was what was the cause of needing to reach for something to change the way he felt. Except for some self incurred debt, he had no real complaints with life. But if he had a good life, that’s what he said, why did he have to change the way that he felt? After all this is the only reason why a person reaches for anything to begin with, to change the way that they feel. If one is ok with who they are, not the story of who they are, but who they truly are, no reaching will ever be necessary. AGAIN: If one is ok with who they are, not the story of who they are, but who they truly are, no reaching will ever be necessary.

Everyone is an addicts to some degree, it’s just that one uses different things. Here are some of the things used: food, opinions, sugar, anger, alcohol, opiates, wanting life to be a certain way, drugs, sports, sports teams, gambling, success, money, careers, helping others, porn, sex, stealing, our children, a to do list, seeking peace, self help programs, spiritual practice, working, not working, our health, politics, religion, even God. These are but a few of the things used, the list goes on and on. And here is the point to this, dependency is dependency regardless of what is used. Addiction is addiction, its just that some of the things used have a more devastating affect on ones life. But the bondage that holds one prisoner to the Conditioned Mind is the same. If one ever wants to be free, this has to be understood. This can be discounted and ignored, but one will never experience what it means to be truly be free if it is.

Whatever controls the mind is ones master, and it doesn’t matter what it is. One isn’t up against outside evil forces or negative energy, what one is up against is their own mind that has become conditioned through the inner and outer influences of life. Even if one changes from something believed in for many years and now something different is believed in, if the change isn’t from a place of quietness it will still be based in the bondage of self, which is the true addiction. When something is reached for it is bondage. If it isn’t found out why theres a need to reach for something to begin with, one will just substitute the things that are used and it will probably be this way for ones entire life. One will just go from thing to thing.

I’m asking you to truly look at this, because this has been my experience. This is real. Lying to oneself is all part of a persons conditioning (denial). One causes their own misery and the Conditioned Mind will tell you to discount this. One is their own worst enemy. I know this as a fact and yet it is still a struggle at times because of the conditioning of my own mind. But the freedom from the bondage of this is becoming more and more of a reality in my life. How do I know this? Because there is less and less reaching for things outside of me and there is more time spent in the moment that I am.

This takes much practice, more than most people are willing to do. But if you really want freedom you will have to be able to look in the mirror and understand you’re looking at that cause of all your so called problems. It is then that you can start breaking free from a conditioned self that has be leading you around like a puppet on a string. Facing oneself is the most difficult thing one will ever do because its not a tool that’s in place. If one wants to be free, a practice needs to be developed that will allow the breaking free from a bondage of self and changes ones habitual conditioning that reaches for something to alter the way that one feels. If not, enjoy the puppet show, which you just so happen to be starring in.

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