This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

No Story Needed

When a story is needed to feel better, it transforms energy from stillness to noise. This doesn’t allow for the peace that passes all understanding because ones reliance to feel better is on a created story.

To start the day in stillness is of immense value because if stillness isn’t embraced when the day begins, it will be very difficult for it to be ones default setting when the stories of daily living take over. Sit in the morning and take periodic breaks throughout the day and one day it will be noticed there is more stillness than noise, and without the noise, the need for a story doesn’t exist. But it starts in the morning because for most it is when the noise begins.

What exactly is noise? Its ones thoughts, any story that one makes up. A story of whatever one thinks will make them feel better. Every story made up is for ones own satisfaction, regardless of how it plays out in ones head. Even if it’s to help others, if investigated deeper its to make one feel better. This holds true for any story. Twelve step programs are based on a story of helping those who are still suffering, so that means others suffering is needed so one can feel better, is that crazy or what? Giving away clothes that no longer fit, are worn out and aren’t wanted anymore is a story that makes one feel better. Volunteering for a cause is a story. I’m not sure if there’s a meaning to life, but I do know it’s not to make up story that used to justify existence just so one feels better.

This is what the unconscious mind does, it creates story after story, all to make one believe they will feel better. But life isn’t about feeling better by manufacturing some story, to me it’s really about nothing in particular, but to learn how to be with what is occurring now. Just being with what happens and not resisting it, and this stops the need for the rearranging of life to make one feel better. When this occurs one will abide in the peace that passes all understanding and there won’t be a need to create a story to make this so.

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