This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Love Attracts Love

If love is what you give, it will be what’s returned. You get your own energy back that you put out. So give what you want in return because what is returned will be what you have given.

The main advantage of knowing ones own mind is that the things of the world (ego) don’t have the power they once had over you. There was a time when my ego would tell me to jump and without question it would be done and if it was really in control I would ask how high. But by knowing ones own mind this occurs less and less because one sees what actions are truly beneficial and which ones are to satisfy ones small material driven self.

This is what the law of attraction is about. When one has lack because of not knowing that lack is only something created by ones own mind (ego) it leaves an opening for anything to sneak in to fill it. This filing is different for all, but the lack is all the same. So one does attract what one receives because of this lack. Once one becomes aware of this process, hence knowing ones own mind, discipline can be developed that allows for the mind to settle. The more ones mind settles the less lack there is to attract these thoughts based in greed, hate and delusion. And without this attraction to the world, it leaves the heart open for the attraction to ones own innate love and this become the base of what is attracted to you.

Love attracts love because its the energy of whats there. The more one loves the more love is attracted. See it in your own life, hate attracts hate, discord, anger, and anything else all attract that which is given. Give love and love is what one will attract. This is the advantage of knowing ones own mind because no one would purposely not give love if they knew that’s what will be returned. So give what you want in return and what is returned will be what one has to give.

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