This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

No I in Love

What one sees as I is only a thought that constantly reinforces itself so its selfish nature remains in place. This thought of I is the root of all evil because without it only love would be in place.

Reinforcing the things that keeps one marred to their I is one of the major blocks to ones freedom. A freedom that already is, but is blocked by the reinforcement of I. This is what one awakens to, this bondage of I that has so many things of the world that reinforces it, it’s a wonder anyone awakens from its deadly grip. And I say deadly because that’s what the I does, it creates misery to the point of self destruction. And unfortunately the less one is aware of this the more destructive it is. Whatever misery one endures it’s because of I.

Wars, fights, divorce, cheating, all substance abuse, greed, hate, delusion, suicide, selfishness, anger, oh how destructive is ones I. And why this is so is because of the denial that I is at the core of all problems. When a person dislikes someone, is it not I who does the disliking? And when one commits suicide, I is the reason for the decision, is it not? If not I then who? And this is the way it is for all the things on the list. The denial of this is because ones I is constantly being reinforced as being real which makes it real at least to I.

I is a thought, a concept. There is nothing real to it. Your I or my I, fictitious to a fault. It is only ones thinking that constantly reinforces I and keeps it in place. Look and see how most thoughts and decisions made are to appease I. One almost has to learn to stop thinking so I isn’t constantly reinforced. It’s so subtle that without a very settled mind this will not be seen. And if it’s not seen, the I remains in place and constantly reinforces an existence that isn’t so, except to ones thought of I.

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