This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Beneficial Thinking

Part of the process of a settling mind is noticing the incessant thinking that causes you and others harm and changing that thinking in ways that is truly beneficial to you and to all beings.

For so many years I had thinking patterns and acted in ways that weren’t beneficial to me or anyone else. To this day I am perplexed by this because why was this so? Why would anyone do anything that wasn’t a benefit to their life, but it goes on all the time. Just watch the lnews. Forget it don’t watch the news because there isn’t much benefit to that. Why do we act in ways that harm others and ourselves? To me this is truly mind boggling, but it is where my passion to assist others in exposing this is derived from. I don’t blame me or anyone else for the way I developed, it is just the way I became conditioned.

If there is fault anywhere it is with society as a whole. But that is only the collective conditioning as opposed to individual conditioning. There really isn’t fault anywhere because becoming conditioned is just the way life is. Its the type of conditioning that needs to be focused on. If we were all conditioned to love, our world would be much different. But since this isn’t the case we need to learn to do things that make us act and think in ways the are beneficial to our well being and our planet as a whole.

One of the most difficult things to learn in life is to align our thinking and the way we act so it is beneficial in all aspects of our life. If this was done we would not be suffering as a society. And we are a gluttonous society, are we not? There’s nothing wrong with having things or enjoying ourself, but when is enough, enough? The noise in the head blocks this from being known because the noise itself tells us more is better and it keeps the mind in a state of agitation that reaffirms this. This is vital in understanding when something is beneficial or something is gluttonous. But this has to be decided as an individual, not by anyone else. That’s why there’s no one to blame, because although we didn’t condition ourselves, its up to each individual to recognize if our thinking and actions are a benefit to us or not. Not a made up its all about me benefit, but one that puts us in harmony with ourself and in the process with life.

You will know what’s truly a benefit if there’s no discord within yourself. Its never the fault of someone else that causes our discord, it is always from within our self. And it is our own thinking that causes our discord. Learning to be in harmony with life is doing the things that are truly a benefit to you and to all beings. When this is done you will know it because your thinking and actions will no longer be based in doing things that cause you or others harm. You will be free to love because that will be a direct result of the benefits of your thinking and the way you act.

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  1. I thoroughly enjoyed this post


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