This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Fulfillment of Purpose

Life has its own intentions and purpose and when our mind is quiet we can be in alignment with it. But it isn’t for a self created made up purpose, its for the purpose of fulfillment of Universal Love.

You do what you do because your Conditioned Mind is telling what to do. You wake up in the morning and the day begins. You do whatever it is that you do and around sixteen hours later it is time to go to sleep and do it again when you awaken. We say it is tomorrow, but the reality of life is it is one continuous trek. There aren’t really any breaks in it. Time, days, years, decades, centuries, are all man made concepts. They are needed to the extent of establishing some structure in life, but we hold on to them way to much. Actually we allow them to control our life.

I’m not saying nothing matters, but does anyone living really know the purpose of life and what truly matters? Life’s purpose is relatively unknown. We can make things up and we’re very good at it, we can make its purpose about helping others, or loving others, raising a family, being kind, awakening to a life’s purpose that we make up, working as this or that, or whatever it is that we use to justify our existence, but the bottom line is one day just like that, our existence ends. Poof, just like that, in a blink of an eye its over. Whatever it is that we were making our purpose at the time that our existence in this form ends, we let go of.

For me what I have found is life is meaningless to the point where I make up a given purpose and need it so life is the way I think it should be. Look at all the less unfortunate people in the world, I need to help them. Who am I doing it for, them or to satisfy my purpose? If we all lived in abundance and no one was a so called less unfortunate than me, what would my life’s purpose be then. I’m not saying don’t assist others, but does it need to be made into a purpose, can’t it just be something to do without adding a label to it?

Life has purpose, its just not what I make it out to be and it doesn’t matter what that is because it is only being done to fulfill some need in me. Life has its own intentions and purpose, and when my mind is quiet I can be in alignment with it. But when I’m living for a self created purpose, I am in alignment with something my Conditioned Mind makes up, not life. Only when I realize to be mindful of the present moment is life’s purpose fulfilled because in the moment there is no time, days, years, decades, centuries, or whatever it is my Conditioned Mind uses to block Universal Love from using me for its purpose. I don’t have to do anything for this to occur, but learn to be still. Once I am still then life can use me. But it isn’t for a self created made up purpose, it is for the purpose of fulfillment of Universal Love.

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