This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

The Lure of Illusions

Our life is illusionary to the point of what is truly needed to live and what we make as our reality. But understand its only the lure of the illusion that makes it a reality.

The illusions of a magician makes whatever they are doing seem real, but even though we know its not its in the way the illusion is created, that’s how we get pulled in to it. Its in the same way of how the illusions of life pull us in. A few years ago I watched a magician make the Statue of Liberty disappear. It was an amazing illusion. Now I knew it wasn’t really going to disappear, but the lure of the illusion pulled me in, so when the so called curtain was pulled and the Statue of Liberty wasn’t there my mind teetered between logic and illusion. Back and forth my mind went until the Statue of Liberty reappeared. While it wasn’t there, the illusion won out even though I knew it didn’t really disappear.

Here’s how this occurs. Let’s use an example of dessert. You are at a restaurant and your server ask if you would like to see the dessert menu. The stage has been set to get pulled into the illusion of the lure of the dessert, just as the stage was set when the announcement was made that the Statue of Liberty was going to disappear. So once you open the dessert menu and see the pictures of them you are engraining the lure of the illusion deeper into your psychic with the lure being the dessert will fulfill you. The more attached you are to the lure of fulfillment the dessert will bring you the more the illusion becomes your reality. But it never truly becomes reality, it’s just made to seem like it is by your Conditioned Mind. Just as the disappearance of the Statue of Liberty never truly becomes reality, it’s just made to seem like it did by the Conditioned Mind.

We can use anything as a substitute for our conditioned created illusions. Anything that is reached for to bring fulfillment is an illusionary lure because if the thing isn’t attained not much really happens. That’s how you know its illusionary because the lure of fulfillment is all in your head. Whether you attain it or not doesn’t really effect your life. It effects the Conditioned Mind, but that’s all.

Air you need to live, no illusion there, dessert you don’t. Same thing with tobacco products, drugs, alcohol, our role, excess food, and on and on, it’s all an illusion that these things are needed. And the reality is your entire life is a made up of these illusions that block you from seeing the true essence of existence, which is that nothing is truly needed unless it is needed to live, and most of the things that we use and think we need in life are but the lure of the illusion that our Conditioned Mind makes a reality.

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