This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Agitated Distractions

An agitation is what causes our mind to become distracted. And what is it that it becomes distracted from but our ability to live a life aligned with the love thats in our heart.

The subtle distractions are what the ego uses in the form of our conditioning for its fuel. It needs energy to survive. It uses the past and future energies because in the present moment is only the energy of love. What each and every distraction does is remove the ability to remain in the present moment so we are aligned with our true essence to love. The objects used are what needs to be identified so we don’t give in to their magnetic pull. And I say it in this way because without the awareness that these distractions exist, their pull is to enticing to overcome. Even with the awareness it is still very difficult. The mind will need to be very quiet to become aware of and overcome these subtle distractions. The nature of the distractions are all the same, but they themselves differ from each other. It is in their nature to take you from the present moment, that’s how you will know its a distraction.

A distraction is not the same as an agitation, they are similar in nature because they are both of the ego, but an agitation is what causes the need for a distraction to materialize. If the mind was quiet and was without agitation there wouldn’t be a needed distraction, but this will only occur when the ego isn’t in control. To be without distraction one must learn to quiet the agitation because without a created agitation our distractions never arise. When these are non existent the only thing that remains is quietness or if you will, peace. So the understanding of this is where you will experience your place of peace, but don’t expect the ego to cooperate because to be without distractions is to be free of the ego. I can guarantee you this, your ego will not go away without a fight and only you can give it the energy it needs to survive by giving in to your agitated created distractions.

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