This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Be True to You

We all have an addict in us, the consequences of some things used are just more devastating. Our selfishness produces emptiness and the thing used has to be reached for again and again.

There is only one person who you have to be true to and that is yourself. You may do something that nobody catches you doing, but you are not fooling anyone, because you know you are doing it. You do not get away with anything that you do in life. You may be ignorant as to why it is being done, but that doesn’t lessen the consequences. There are consequences for every actions, but its not because God is watching and causes it, you yourself cause your consequences and they will be determined by the base of what your actions are; either love or selfishness.

The actions to fulfill inner desires are pursued forever because their results produce emptiness. Alcohol, cigarettes, porn, gambling, drugs, food, sex, sports, our children, to name of few, are all used to fulfill some selfish inner desire and therefore will need to be done over and over, because it is the emptiness of their nature. Why the thing used doesn’t matter is because whatever and whenever something is used to fulfill a selfish desire, it will not last. It can’t last, because the nature of anything reached for is selfish and selfish behavior is based in emptiness. It also causes so much suffering to ourselves and others.

We label certain people as addicts, but aren’t we all using certain things for fulfillment. Completeness is in the present moment, so anytime something is reached for to fulfill an inner desire out of the present moment, it is seeking fulfillment created by an inner lack, a selfish desire that uses whatever it can, to fulfill this lack. A persons conditioning decides what the thing used is, but regardless of what it is, the selfish nature is no different. Its just that some things are not as devastating in their consequences as others. Some results of the consequences are instantaneous and some take time to develop, but the affects of the energy of the reaching is always the same; selfishness breeds selfishness. So do what it is that you want to do, but understand you cannot hide from yourself, nor, although your Conditioned Mind will make you believe that you can, you cannot truly lie to yourself, because you will never ever do something and get away with. You may use justification as to why you are doing something, but you are only lying to yourself, and there will always be consequences for you actions. Whether those actions are from love or are selfish in nature is the determining factor as to whether you will live a life that is always reaching for the next satisfaction, or if you are complete just the way you are.

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